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September 12th "New Years in September" Ride for Vista Hospice (formerly Northland Hospice)

Saturday October 5th: Ride For Charity! - Ride begins at Northland Hospice on Switzer

(Registration from 8:30-10:00am $10 single $20 couple Raffle to begin at Rick's at 2:15pm)


Well, we may never have to winterize the bikes the way things are going, but if you are going to or have already tucked your bike away for the season, here are some tips:

  • Top off the tank. Air in the tank can cause pitting on the insides of the tank.
  • Add Stabil to your gas and run for a short time to make sure it gets in the carburetor / induction module. This prevents varnishing and stabilizes the gas for storage. We have Stabil and battery tenders in stock.
  • Assure that all your fluids are recently changed. Oil tanks, primaries and transmission housings vent out, but they also vent in, allowing moisture to settle into the housings and fluids.  This moisture would normally get burned off with use, but when a bike is sitting, the moisture is harmful to the inner workings of your bike
  • Hook up a battery tender. Starting your bike every couple of weeks won’t do the trick – a battery tender is needed.  Most bikes don’t charge at idle unless it is a three-phase charging system; so starting the bike periodically during the winter is actually a depletion of the battery.


We are saluting veterans at our shop with Armed Forces flags and veteran’s names on banners.  If you are a veteran, please let us know to add your name.  Our thanks for your service to our country.  

To show our thanks all year, we are now offering a discount to our veterans.


We have lots of new and used parts.  The boss says to “clear them out”.  We will make you a deal.  We are also planning a “shop / garage” sale in the spring, but save us the trouble and we’ll deal with you now!



In 1999, Harley-Davidson came out with the Twin Cam motor. In the Twin Cam, the crankshaft turns the rear cam by a chain. The rear cam turns the front cam by a chain. Both chains are tensioned by a plastic tensioner under spring pressure (first twin cam was actually produced in 1928 – the JDH motor).

The first problem was that in the 1999 – 2000 motors Harley underestimated the amount of torque from the crankshaft which caused the rear cam bearing to fail. Harley remedied this in later models with a roller bearing.

The second problem is that the tensioners are spring-loaded and have a plastic-type material which pushes against the timing chains taking up the slack.  The tensioners on 1999 – 2006 models wear out – we’ve seen it occur from 35,000 – 65,000 miles with the average being 50,000 miles.  We have had two customers in the last two months whose bikes were at 43,000 and 50,000.  The tensioners were not just worn out they were completely gone.  If not caught, this could have been detrimental to the motor.

It takes about an hour to inspect the tensioners (dependent on the model). There is a tensioner on the outside of the cam support plate and one on the inside. Only the outside can be seen readily, but they usually wear out at the same rate.

Depending on the model, in 2007 – 2008, Harley went to hydraulic pressure versus spring pressure and a different tensioner material and this issue is about resolved.You might ask why Harley didn’t use gear drives instead of chains as in all previous models (Evo, Shovel, Sportster) -- they could no longer meet the EPA noise standards with the gear drives. After-market gear drives are now available which do meet the EPA regulations. Please call us with questions and options with your motorcycle -- our experience is our knowledge and we want to keep you riding.

* All parts and materials must be purchased at Rick’s.  Based on three quarts oil. Syn3 extra. All services are subject to shop supplies, recycling fees and sales tax.

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